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 HaidoMS [2000x Exp, 5000x Mesos, 100x Drop][Hamachi][V55]

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PostSubject: HaidoMS [2000x Exp, 5000x Mesos, 100x Drop][Hamachi][V55]   Wed Jul 09, 2008 9:39 am

Hi everyone! I've finally gotten my server up and public after alot of errors and problems. This server is new but will get bigger.
GM's are already chosen.
Here's the links:

HaidoMS Client: ?c332x4ac7ru
Register Page:

Hamachi Networks:
Network Name: HaidoMS
Network Name: HaidoMS1
Network Name: HaidoMS2
Network Name: HaidoMS3
Network Name: HaidoMS4
Network Name: HaidoMS5
Network Name: HaidoMS6
Network Name:HaidoMS7
Network Name:HaidoMS8
Network Name:HaidoMS9
Network Name:HaidoMS10
Network Name:HaidoMS11
Network Pass: haidoms

Skill Maxer (Mr.Moneybags)
Job Advancer (Cody)
Scroll Seller (Spiegelmann)
High Level Stuff Seller (Nana (H))
NX Shop (Coco)
Boss Warper (Nana (K)
Server Info NPC (Mia)
Teleporter (Spinel)
Rebirth NPC (Malady)
Star Seller (Vikin)
AP Cap Raised To 10000

Report any errors/issues & hackers.
Enjoy HaidoMS!
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HaidoMS [2000x Exp, 5000x Mesos, 100x Drop][Hamachi][V55]
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