MapleStory/Gunz Hacks!

Hacks For MapleStory(GMS mapleStory or Private Server MapleStory)And Gunz! We Are Really Legit
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 BayAreaMs(owner of this Forum),v55,hamachi =( ,5000/1000/1000 maybe higher

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PostSubject: BayAreaMs(owner of this Forum),v55,hamachi =( ,5000/1000/1000 maybe higher   Sun Aug 03, 2008 8:45 am

BayAreaMs Is my Server It Isnt good Yet... its titan (im Owner of this Forum and Owner of BayAreaMs)
The rates are gonna b 5k,1k,1k and it is v55 hamachi details are BayAreaMs1 And BayAreaMs And BayAreaMs2 The pass to all Is 123

You can Download it at ?vjy892u6j49

And can Also Register at Or
They are differnt websites.
Or if that doesnt work you can Ask BayArea for an account in hamachi his hamachi name is bayArea/owner of BayAreaMs

The server is Not up 24/7 Yet.Please come join And make The Server Popular
And if Anyone Knows how to make a shop Sql Please Email me at And i will tell you What i want in the SQL shop and you will be GM! Also i think it is somthing wrong with the Real Server webiste I dunno how to fix it lol...
well thats all i can think of for now... If u wanna now what the features is ask BayArea in hamachi...
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BayAreaMs(owner of this Forum),v55,hamachi =( ,5000/1000/1000 maybe higher
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