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 This is a v55 Server Setup!

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PostSubject: This is a v55 Server Setup!   Sun Aug 03, 2008 9:09 am


:Get Start You need these files.
MySQL 5.0
MySQL Query Browser
CioRepack ?zadcgul2l1t
Java JDK Update 6 : Including Netbeans.
JCE Files : Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy.
Localhost-Non-Dc by
Hex_work v5

Step Two:
Install the Java Development Kit.
After installation, extract your JCE Files.
After extraction, navigate to:
"\Program Files\Java\"

In the JRE Folders, navigate to:
In the JDK Folders, navigate to:

In each of these folders, copy and paste the JCE Files into the security folder, replacing anything.

Step Three:
Install your MySQL Server and MySQL Tools.
When installing, you will be prompted to either change your Administrator account settings. Uncheck this and make sure the boxes are greyed out before clicking next.

Step Four:
Extract files from "CioRepack v1" to the Desktop.

Step Five:
Open up MySQL Browser, if you havent changed the default values of your Administrator account, you should be able to login with

Once you are logged in, Press Ctrl+N
A box should have popped up prompting you to "Create a New Schema"
Name this Schema "odinms".
After doing so, go to:
File > Open Script
Then browse to:
"Desktop\CioRepack v1\"
And open up "odinms.sql"

Then Execute it while your "odinms" database is selected in your browser.
You are done with the MySQL Browser for now.
Close it.

Step Six
Navigate to:
"Desktop\CioRepack v1"
And open up your "" with WordPad or Notepad.
Here remove the password or match it to whatever you may have set it as.

Step Seven
You must Download the V.55 so You Can play In yours server go here is yours friend then look for v.55 download it

Step Eight
Navigate to your MapleGlobal folder, which by default should be at:
Seperate your .wz files from the others and copy ONLY the .wz files into your Server Files WZ folder, which should be on your desktop:
"Desktop\CioRepack v1\wz"

After you have finished copying the .wz files.
Run Mob.exe and it should extract itself into a Mob.wz file.
Replace this in your Server Files .wz folder.

Step Nine
Now, all you need to do is run your .bat's in THIS order:
Remember You Must Want For 5 sec Yo Should See Like This

Step Ten
You Can Chang Pass WhatEver you want

:This Step important

Open You Repack Folder And Open.
you will See Something Called LocalHost or ip address
Chang it With you hamachi ip ok yours server with hamachi ^_^.

:This Step important How to hex You Client.

1.go to yours localhost right click. will see something called hex edit with hex workshop v5 press it.
3.its will open press ctrl+f then write this ip
4.chang it with you hamachi ip.

:this Step How to make reg Page

1.Download Wamp Server:
2.install it done ok run it and you will see something called put online pres it k press apache you will see something called httpd.conf press it
4.go down and you see something write like this
Listen 80 ok chang it 2

Listen 8080 go to and copy yours ip ok done
6.go C:\wamp\www and delete the index.php
and download this ?momimotf3iy
7.when you finsh downloading extract it in C:\wamp\www and yours
website like this http://yoursiphere:8080

and you finish making reg page!!

Read this
This Download for Id not register and more all sql.rar ?wxefmppwwfi download important

Yours Server Done !!!!!!! have Fun
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This is a v55 Server Setup!
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