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 [Realease] Library (look here for releases, guides) For Odin/Titan

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PostSubject: [Realease] Library (look here for releases, guides) For Odin/Titan   Sun Aug 03, 2008 9:33 am

TitanMS Source:
- Releases
----- Commands
----- NPCs
----- Add-Ons/Patches
----- SQL Scripts
----- Websites/Website Add-Ons
----- Tools
- Guides
----- Guides in General
----- Fixes
----- How to...
----- Website Related
- Repacks
- Revisions
- Server Tutorials

A lot of TitanMS Commands
Improved Boss Summons
!allboss command
Warp Commands
Stat Increasing Commands
Some Commands
In Relation To !notice
Fixed GM Commands
Fixed !job Command
Shout Command(deducts mesos)
Warp All Command
Seperating GM and Normal Player Commands
Map Only Notice
Event Boss Command
Fame Command
Some more random commands
New Mob GM Commands
Fourth Job Skills Command
Fixed GM Commands

Skills Maxer
Fourth Job Skill Maxer
Robin Teleports You To Lith Harbour
Juanxuan's Lua NPCs
Showa Sauna NPCs
Full Eye/Hair NPC
Mr. Moneybags
Quiz NPC
gMS Offical NPCs
All of Florina Beach NPCs
First, Second, and Third Job Advancer
First, Second, Third, and Fourth Job Advancer
Real Third Job Advancement
Fourth Job Advancement
Improve Fourth Job NPCs
First and Second Job W/ Marbles
Fourth Job + Warp NPC
Fourth Job NPCs that work
Fourth Job NPC
GM Job + Skill Maxer(all in one)
All NPCs Shops
Facial Expression Shop
Cash Shop NPCs in the FM
Fredrick in FM sells all types of smegas
Mia gives free hair/color/eye/color/skin/color
Full Cash Shop
Custom Master Shops
Scrolls Seller
Megaphone/Rings/Coupons Seller
Honorable Rock Sells Summoning Rocks
All Showa Shops
Summoning/Magic Rock Shop
GM Shops
Gachapon/Summoning Rock/Magic Rock Seller
Mia Sells Facial Coupons
Silver Boar
Eos Teleport rock
Orbis Teleport Rock
All Teleporter NPCs
gMS Shanks
Perry Teleporter
Perry as Warp Guide
Improve Gachapon
Titan Reborn *new*

Boss HP Bars
Whispers and Find
Full Stars System
All Job Advances Give MP/HP Boost

SQL Scripts
Official Monster Drops

Websites/Website Add-Ons
All Registration CMS'
Who's Online
Item Stats

MapleStory Server Maker

Guides in General

Mob Spawn Fix
Error Checking Routine for MySQL
Fix for Multiple-Hit Monsters
Fix for Equipment not under NX
Decoder Error Fix
Fourth Job Error Fix
Stars Fix
MP/HP Bug While Leveling With Hyper Body Fix
Fix Login Hack
Multi-Level Fix
Maps Fix(no invalid pointer)
Simple Portal Fix(invalid pointer)
Experience Fix
Fix for C4800 Warnings in GMSDB Beta4
Small Fix for Stack EXP

How to...

Website Related

MapleFXP Repack V4 (v.53)
Biesmen's Repack v.01 (v.55)
Josh's Repack (v.55)
MapleStorm V1.1 (v.55)
DYS Repack (v.55)
IWW's Repack (v.55)

Titan Releases (v.55)

MSSetup.exe v.55
MapleStory v.53, v.54, and v.55
Manual Patches for MapleStory v.56, v.57, and v.58
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PostSubject: Re: [Realease] Library (look here for releases, guides) For Odin/Titan   Sun May 10, 2009 4:20 pm

hey man can you post stuff on different site where i can view them cause i registered but it wouldnt let me view them still, so can you change/upload:
A lot of TitanMS Commands
Improved Boss Summons
Fixed GM Commands
all npc stuff esp rebirth
all addons and website stuff
and fixs
pl0x im noob coder and i need this stuff. Sad Sad Sad Mad Mad Mad Mad pale pale affraid
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[Realease] Library (look here for releases, guides) For Odin/Titan
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