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Hacks For MapleStory(GMS mapleStory or Private Server MapleStory)And Gunz! We Are Really Legit
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 [Release]MapleStory Private Server Dual Weapon Damage Hack

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PostSubject: [Release]MapleStory Private Server Dual Weapon Damage Hack   Mon Aug 04, 2008 12:08 am

Hello. This is for v.55 private servers ONLY. This allows you to equip two weapons at once. A level 90 + level 100 weapon. This way the damage is stacked and you are slightly more powerful.

I've only made this for level 90 and 100 weapons, but you can do this with any weapon are armor. This is kind of a demo of what you can do.

1 - download patcher
2 - install patcher in your main private server directory
3 - play game ?bjm3riwjcuz

Credits cyclicalevents From CheatEngine for Making this
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[Release]MapleStory Private Server Dual Weapon Damage Hack
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