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 [Release]How to Run Your Server on Someone elses Computer/ip

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PostSubject: [Release]How to Run Your Server on Someone elses Computer/ip   Mon Aug 04, 2008 12:13 am

hello,i Will tell you How to Host your Server off of Someone Else's Ip/Computer First What you do is Download All the things needed to make a Server...
i think this Is for Titan only So you need
The repack,C++,mysql navicate,wamp server,Ok so what you do is...first you u open C++,Then open hamachi and you copy the hamachi ip u wanna run it from.
then you open C++ and Go to Maplestoryserver Folder and Open LoginPacket.cpp then go down till u see the line

"packet.addShort(0); // IP

packet.addByte(127); // IP

And change the To the hamachi ip you want to leave.
So as example say the ip u wanted to use was it should look like

packet.addShort(0); // IP

packet.addByte(3); // IP

Then.. You change Make sure you go to mapelstoryserver FOlder again And search in MYSQLM.cpp And look for the line

"if(!mysql_real_connect(&maple_db, "localhost", "root", "", "maplestory", 3306, NULL, 0)){ "

And change Localhost to your MYSQL Ip or Localhost for Default
And change Root to your MYSQL Username Or Root For Default
And change Maplestory To your Database name Or MapleStory For Default

Then Save Everything and Compile/Build And Debug!

Oh ya Almost forgot to tell you! I dunno How to get it Non hamachi With the other person hosting it with you using there ip

It Works for Me So hope It works for you !

Credits:Me Admin/ And more Credits i dunno who thought lol
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[Release]How to Run Your Server on Someone elses Computer/ip
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