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Hacks For MapleStory(GMS mapleStory or Private Server MapleStory)And Gunz! We Are Really Legit
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 LethalMS Dedicated

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PostSubject: LethalMS Dedicated   Wed Jul 09, 2008 5:03 am

LethalMS Dedicated AND LOOK DOWN!!!PIRATE JOB!! If u really want Pirate job all u gotta Do is Donate Not to me To their Pserver!

Their Website is

Things included

Pets, Pirate Job, Rings, and more are being updated as we speak!, When the server goes stable, they will be released!
We are currently Testing v57 Updates for our new Server!
Rates are as Followed: 1000x EXP - 1000x Mesos - 15x Drop
To Reach level 1, Kill 1 Blue snail , To Reach level 8, Kill 1 Green snail .
Guide is 100% Working, As of now, the guild is now Bug Free. And are created at it's regular home town, Orbis.
Sharenian Guild Quest is now Active, and working.
Bosses are Fully Functioning, and Summoned.
White Scrolls now work, and can no longer be used twice.
Skills have been updated, we have 98% of Skills working.
Scroll Selling NPC's have now been placed, Have fun finding them!
Auto-Ban has been modified to your benefits, and fun.
Fredrick has been updated to change your jobs!
Duey the Package Deliver now Maxes your Skills.
Mr.Pickall Rebirths your Character for you.
The Cash Shop has been updated, and now becomes of use!
Character Creation has now been updated.
Party Quest have been updated, such as Kerning PQ and Ludibrium PQ.
NPC that sells Stars, has been fixed, and modified.
There more, so be Ready and Active to enjoy a new world!
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LethalMS Dedicated
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