MapleStory/Gunz Hacks!

Hacks For MapleStory(GMS mapleStory or Private Server MapleStory)And Gunz! We Are Really Legit
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 [AD]ShaolinMS 1000xexp/20000xmeso/1000xdrop Godly Equips

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PostSubject: [AD]ShaolinMS 1000xexp/20000xmeso/1000xdrop Godly Equips   Wed Jul 09, 2008 5:11 am

Welcome to ShaolinMS.
We are using Kelmy's Repack.

In FM an Npc named Mellias sells Godly Zak helmet and HT neck
all stats +999

i Have also added an npc in FM that sells level 110 weapons , Maple weapons,
GM scrolls,all throwing stars for 1 messo 0.o also the Gloves are godly now soon all equips will be godly

1000x Exp
20000x Meso
1000x Drop
Sera Gives 500k,and warps you to henesys
Sharenian Guild Quest (credits: Lerk)
Papulatus/Zakum doors
White Scrolls
Beholder buff
BigBang/MonsterMagnet fix
Maple TV removed
Fake bosses/Cakes removed
Scroll seller
Showa town salon
AutoBan removed
Cody job changer
Duey maxes skill
Rebirth NPC (Nana(H)The Henesys Onel)
Fame Npc (Coco)
Shadow Claw
Echo of Hero
Maple Messenger
MTS warps you to FM
Summoning bags
Item drop restriction
VIP teleport rocks
Max AP 5000
Cash Shop(real)
Report System
Ludi Party Quest(in dev)
Kerning Party Quest
NPC Animation
Map chairs
FM boss warper
Multi Leveling

All the passwords of the Hamachi servers are 123

ShaolinMS11,ShaolinMS12,ShaolinMS13,ShaolinMS14,Shaoli nMS15,ShaolinMS16,

ShaolinMS1 Till ShaolinMS10 is Full

after joining one of the Hamachi servers type this in your webbrower : and you are on the reg site.

If all the servers are Full tell me i create 10 new servers

I cant post Links on Cef So you will get the Registering link and Download Link on the Welcome Message of Hamachi

Real Cash Shop Works you can get NX on the registration site.
for 100mil mesos you can get 30k nx! ....its easy to get mesorate is 20000x
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[AD]ShaolinMS 1000xexp/20000xmeso/1000xdrop Godly Equips
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